Brew Tips

Great coffee starts with great beans so you're in the right place!

Now that we're done patting ourselves on the back for trying to be clever let's dive into how to make an amazing cup off coffee!!

#1 Most Importantest MVP!!!

The kitchen scale. It doesn't matter if you are using the cheapest coffee maker from the dollar store or $999,999,999 custom machine named Hal that will ultimately try to kill you. Ratios matter and the only way to get that right is to weigh both your coffee AND the water. 

Amazon has some under $10 that they will send to you with free shipping if you are a Prime member. Go get one. I'll wait. 

Ok next, if you ditch empirical measurements and use metric it makes it really easy since grams and milliliters are interchangable.

For example, when brewing a pourover the recommended ratio is 1 gram of coffee to 15 ml of water. For a standard Yeti tumbler that means 30 grams of coffee and 450 ml/grams water.