Answers to Questions 

Do you offer a dark roast? 

The Darkness is Coming.....

Do you infuse or add caffeine to your caffeinated blends?

Our high caffeine blends are all natural with no added caffeine. The caffeine level comes from using Robusto coffee beans that have roughly twice the caffeine content of the Arabica bean. Generally speaking Robusto beans tend to be more bitter and bold so we with blend it with Arabica to have a hard hitting yet smooth drinking cup of joe. 

Why the 3-5 day lead times for my coffee to ship?

We roast our coffees to order to ensure freshness and practically speaking because we don't have much space to store a bunch of final product. We're a small shop currently roasting out of a collective in San Marcos CA so as orders come in we start planning. Then on our roast days your coffee is roasted, bagged in a compostable, vented bag and shipped to your door.