Ethiopian Single Origin Organic Sidamo

Ethiopian Single Origin Organic Sidamo

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Complex & Exceptional 

Straight from the birthplace of coffee. 


Ethiopia produces some of the most sought-after coffees in the world. The highland region of Sidamo is likely the area where Arabica was born. This coffee is from the Oromia zone, a rich area for coffee.

Tasting Notes

Sweet with fruit notes, a refreshing, complex and delicious coffee. We generally drink this one black from our Chemex pour over. 

Lead Times

Usually ships in 3-5 days. All coffee is roasted to order, generally on Mondays and Thursdays. When you get your bags of roasted motivation you can be sure they are fresh and haven’t been sitting around getting stale in some sad warehouse. 

About Us

We are a small (for now), boutique coffee production company run by people who are obsessed with coffee, drink too much of it and love to share great finds with friends and family. 

Our mission:

  • Procure the best coffees from around the world following Fair Trade and Organic practices whenever possible
  • Be as eco-friendly as possible using compostable and recycled products whenever possible
  • Work with American manufacturers for packaging, goods and apparel
  • Give back to the surrounding communities including Veterans, Conservation and Youth organizations

We genuinely love and appreciate all of our customers, thank you for your support!